A very sticky situation - How do you stop your website being slippery?

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A real sticking point

As digital marketer’s, the royal we, spend a lot of time getting people to our websites. Defining keywords with high traffic and low competition and writing content exploiting those keywords. Tipping our purses into the increasingly rising costs of paid for advertising. And wading through the murky marshes of social media marketing. But getting traffic isn't the end-game. Once that traffic arrives at your site, how do you keep that valuable commodity interested and hold their attention, get your brand transferred from their short-term memory over into their long-term memory? Succeed at that, and the chances are they'll return, regularly share your content for others to appreciate or even become 'the result' itself, a customer.

A slippery slope

We at HM don't get massively high volumes of traffic to our website, but we do get the right kind of traffic. And at the end of the day, if we can convert even a tiny percentage of the businesses that come to us, then we're in business too. We use a forensic software that tells us when a business is on our site, very handy indeed. But what we have noticed recently, is that those visitors that we’ve worked so hard to lure will read the article that attracted them here in the first place and will then leave, or as its cruelly termed, bounce! So it would appear that our site is a little slippery at the moment?

Let us know what you like or dislike about our site before you go!

Sticking it to you guys

If you're reading this and thinking yep, that’s exactly what I'm going to do too. Then I'm asking you a small favour before you leave. Don't!
  • Could you just let us know what you did or didn't like about our site before you go? **
  • Or could you give us examples of sticky tactics that have worked for you in the past? **
And then, if this article drives some useful discussion? We'll publish a follow-up article summarising the best ideas and advice we've received. Plus, we'll discuss how we intend to use the information to better the experience we offer our users when they visit us.

Dissapointed user looking at website

Really beating this analogy with a stick now

The way I see it is, if I was looking to watch the football in a pub, I'd look out for pubs displaying a Sky Sports logo somewhere or I might even Google "pubs in Brighton showing football"?? and if I then walked into my chosen pub to find it wasn't actually showing the football, I'd be pretty p*ssed off.

So, please, when you're leaving your feedback**, tell us what you're looking for and we'll do our best to provide it. Or at least, tell us what brought you to our site and whether you found it useful or not? 
**We have quick enquiry forms in the header and in a lot of the sidebars around the site, or you could leave your thoughts via a comment below. We promise not to edit out the negative ones!
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Martyn McDermott
1 year ago
by Martyn McDermott
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