An Alternative Copywriting Glossary

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It’s happened to us all. You’re in a meeting and someone’s using terms and acronyms you’ve never heard of before…but you’re too afraid to ask what they mean.

But help is at hand. The next time you meet to discuss a copywriting project, just grab this glossary, and relax in the knowledge that you know your CMS from your elbow.

Tip-top terminology

Branding’ - The act of searing your company’s name, logo and USP onto the frontal lobe of the general public.


Rebranding’ – The act of subtly introducing your all-new company name, logo or USP into the minds of the general public (whilst simultaneously apologising about that whole lobe-searing business).

Proofreading’ - Documentary evidence that establishes once and for all the existence of Reading.


Content Strategy’ - When new content wants to replace old content it needs a strategy. A cunning strategy.

Editing’ - The art of making long things shorter, short things longer, funny things serious, or dry things spry.

Tweaking’ - Taking the ‘eek’ out of occasional, minor errors.

CMS (Content Management System)’ - Management Systems have feelings too - they can be angry, love-struck, moody or content. CMS is the latter.   

Copywriting’ - What you need to do - urgently - if your existing copy has capsized.

Tone’ - Anthony Soprano (informal).

Eugene Parciasepe /

Social Media’ - A discotheque where newspapers, radio, TV, websites and printed marketing materials can all meet and hang out in a relaxed and non-judgemental atmosphere.

Target Audience’ – Heat-seeking missile, rifle crosshairs, paper aeroplane. It doesn’t matter how you target them, just make sure you hit them.
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Matthew McGuire
1 year ago
by Matthew McGuire
Matt McGuire is a copywriter at Chameleon Copywriting. He specialises in online house-style, branding and audience engagement, for small businesses, international organisations and charities. (And does a fair bit of print and social media too.)

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